The Seven Best Android Spy Apps you have to try, Free and Paid

There are many people who at some point in their lives realize that they need to install Android spyware on their smartphones.

The reasons vary, but the bottom line is that we want to keep our sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Sometimes, we also need to track the mobile of our loved ones, to keep them safe or to rescue them from a hurried situation.

While it is true that the best applications are paid, there are also other good spy apps in the Google Play Store. All offer different services, which work in different circumstances. Some require that they are installed on the device to be monitored before they can operate, while others require that you install them on your own device and place it near the target to be monitored. Without a doubt, these applications are simple to use and give you the peace of mind you need.

Antivirus PRO Android Security

This application is from AVG Antivirus, designed to offer complete security to Android users. There is a free trial version for one month. If you want to purchase the full version after the test, you have to subscribe to the Premium version to get all the functions that protect the smartphone from malware, spyware, and antivirus. You have to install the application on the device to be monitored. This will allow you to scan the applications and games that are on the device, locate it using Google Maps, hide photos in a coded safe, optimize the battery, package data and optimize the store.

You can lock the device using a password, send photos of anyone trying to unlock it to your email address, block the SIM card, and back up your applications to your SD card.


TheOneSpy is one of the most undetectable Android spy apps you can find and it’s affordable. It comes in basic and Premium versions, and both are paid. There is no free version, but you can find a live demonstration on their website. After exploring a bit, you can subscribe to the application for a minimum of one month. Requires installation of the device to be monitored. Once you do, you can access all the information that comes in and that comes out as text messages, conversations on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, Facebook Messengers, LINE, iMessage, and Tinder.

This includes access to all call histories, including those for messaging applications. You can track all emails in Gmail, browsing history on the Internet, and access the list of applications installed on the device to monitor. Users can block unwanted applications so that the monitored user does not use them without their permission.

You can listen to recorded calls and turn on the recorder to record sounds in the device environment. All collected information is loaded into a control panel, without the knowledge of the objective. With TheOneSpy, you can also lock the device, put areas, words, and contacts in Watch List, take screenshots and erase data in extreme cases.

Naked Browser Pro / NB Pro

With NB Pro, users can be aware of the browsing history of the monitored user. There is a free version of this, so try the application before subscribing to the paid version. You can configure images, geographic location, JavaScript, and cookies. You can configure it to show you the images only on Wi-Fi. You can press tabs, keep the screen on, create a home browser on your desktop, play a bit with the user interface, make sure that the “NBPro Browser” saves an impression of all the closed pages in the favorite pages folder.

You can edit the way the tabs are closed by changing the gesture option, take screenshots of the pages visited by the person being watched, and access all the browser menus. In addition, you can set permissions for web pages, and monitor ads so that none is accessible. You can enable the GPS tracker so that the web pages you visit know your location. You can also access the download manager.

Spy Voice Recorder

This is a very simple Android spy app. There is no free version or demonstration of this application, so make sure you use it intelligently. It is not necessary to install it on the device to be monitored but on its own device. The main objective of this application is to listen to conversations that people have while you are not present.

It is the new method to snoop the conversations of others, without stressing or hiding behind doors and walls. Once installed, just open the application and press “START” to start recording. The recording will continue even if the screen turns off. When finished, you can press “STOP” (Stop) and the recording will stop. The recordings will be saved on the SD card or internal memory.

Spy on WhatsApp Prank

When you want to block your WhatsApp account because you want to recover some files and text messages, this application will be very useful for you. In fact, you can use this technique to intervene anyone’s WhatsApp and access all your messages in chats. You can track Twitter, Gmail, and activity on Facebook, as well as access photos and videos.

You can track the keys pressed and use the built-in GPS tracker to know the location of the device. It is a pretty fun application. You can use it to see what people do on your WhatsApp. Like other applications that we have mentioned previously, it is free.

Hidden Eye: Catch your friends

Do you have snoopy friends who would rummage through your phone in your absence? Here is an application that helps you catch your friends with their hands in the dough. Hidden Eye takes a picture of the intruder without suspecting anything. Once you install it on your smartphone, you will have to set a lock password.

Each time a snoop tries to unlock your device, the application will take a picture and save it for you. Afterwards, you can unlock the smartphone and see who tried to get hold of it. You can also have a particular tone that will sound every time someone tries to unlock the phone without your knowledge. All the images can go to your Dropbox account, for which you will have to synchronize it with the application. It is totally free.

Show Wi-Fi Password 2017 – Root

This is a very useful application. It shows you the password for Wi-Fi connections on your Android device. Even if the owner of the connection changes the password, you can access the new one. You need to root the device on which you will install the application. It shows you the passwords on the screen, which makes it very easy to use.

Once installed on your device, launch the application, and press “Start”. It will show you a list of all available connections along with your individual passwords. After using it, you can press “Exit” and close the application. It is free.

There is no need to worry about how to track activity on a mobile without being detected by the other person. With specialized Android spy apps, you can access almost everything you can imagine. In general, the installation of these applications is very simple: make sure you read the specifications. Sometimes, applications require rooting the device. You can choose the one that works best for your particular case. As parents, they surely require something especially dedicated to tracking their children’s activities on their mobiles.

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