Common Mistakes Pool Owners Make

Taking care of a pool can be a difficult task especially if your pool is in-ground and outdoors. That task however becomes more difficult if you make mistakes that could easily be avoided. Here is a list of common mistakes pool owners make.

It’s easy to forget this simple task. Testing your water is simple enough but easy to forget. Oftentimes it slips a pool owner’s mind until they end up going far down the line and the damage is done. Regular testing keeps your pool in check. It helps you keep up with other tasks as well and you know something is wrong before it gets worse. If you don’t test your water regularly your pool’s water will become increasingly unbalanced. The more unbalanced it is the harder it is to manage. Rainfall and bodily oils from swimmers throw off the chemical levels in your pool. The longer your water is left untested the longer it is left untreated and more chemicals will be needed to get your pool back to its optimal condition.

Once you’ve decided to pay more attention to the maintenance of your pool schedule a time once or twice a week to test your pool. Do it on the same day every week and even at the same time if you can. Do it before you leave for work or after you return home. Putting it on your schedule will make it a priority. The process takes about 10 minutes but that is far less time than it takes to repair the damage caused by not testing regularly in the first place.

Shocking the pool is something owners learn pretty early on but how to do it correctly is something owners fail to learn until they’ve already done it incorrectly. Shocking your pool sanitizes the pool minimizing the amount of chemical maintenance needed per week. While shocking your pool is very important doing it correctly is even more important. The time of day to the amount of shock used and how it is applies are all factors that control how effective your shock treatment is going to be.

Correct your mistakes by shocking your pool at least once a week or when the chlorine is higher than your free chlorine. Apply shock during the evening when the sun has gone down. Sunlight burns up chlorine and greatly reduces the effectiveness of the process. Run your pump for eight hours at night.

Your pool’s filter keeps it clean and running properly. If you do not maintain it it can stop working or not do the job it is meant to do because you do not run it as long as you are supposed to. Filters are easy to forget because we don’t see them but they are important. Running your water pump promotes healthy water circulation. Even if you don’t expect to swim in a few days that doesn’t mean you should leave your filter off during that whole time. Running it regularly will keep your filter in shape and your pool water circulating.

Running the filter isn’t the only most common mistake associated with filters. Pool owners often make the mistake of not cleaning their filter regularly. Your pool’s filter does a lot of hard work making sure that your water is clean. If you don’t maintain your filter regularly then you will be reaching for your vacuum a lot more often. The pool filter processes hundreds of gallons of water a day. They filter out impurities and contaminants that would otherwise be in your water. Filters are great at their job but even they have a limit. If you do not clean the cartridge your filter will get dirtier and eventually lose its effectiveness. If you want to keep your pool clean and your filter running properly clean it regularly. It is an easy job when it is done as often as it should be.

The mistakes of pool owners are easy to fix but owners have to be willing to discipline themselves. Scheduling yourself to check the water, clean the filter and shock the pool will help things become a routine. Knowing what you are doing and what your pool needs to run smoothly and be a healthy place to swim is important. Read the literature to be the best pool owner you can be and the most common mistakes will not be yours.

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